Bundling Packing Shipping

Pallet Cover

Bundling Packing Shipping

Top plastic sheets used to protect and cover palletized products and are available in clear or colored covers. Covers can be processed manually or by machine and can be used as liners for holding goods packed in Gaylord containers.

Pallet Covers provide fast, easy and economical protection of products from damage, dust, rain, moisture, and contamination during storage and transportation.

Plastic sheeting protects items stored or shipped on pallets and is available in varying strengths, sizes, and colors.
Also known as:   Plastic pallet covers, Pallet top covers


Film Thickness: 35 – 100 microns; 120 microns (can be delivered if the width is of 180 cm)

Roll Width: 40 – 200 cm; 400 cm – One-side open

Roll Length (m): Per your requirements

Material Type




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