Bundling Packing Shipping

Shrink Hood Film

Bundling Packing Shipping

Shrink hood films provide protection and stability for packed products, such as industrial and commercial goods.

Suitable for both manual and automated packaging, they can be manually applied with a hand-held heat gun. The film can be used to cover pallets and it is puncture resistant.

Also known as:   Plastic pallet covers


Bag or Roll Length: Per customer requirements

Film Width: Up to 175 cm

Roll Width: Up to 140 cm

Film Thickness: 100 – 200 microns

Roll Weight: Up to 1000 kg

Side Gusset: Up to 65 cm

Printing: Flexographic, 1 side printing; Up to 2 colors on both sides

Printing Colors: Per customer requirements

Material Type

Mono-Layer Films


Automated packaging on pallets

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