Bundling Packing Shipping

Stretch Hood Film

Bundling Packing Shipping

Polyethylene (PE) Stretch Hood Films on rolls for cost-effective, energy-saving and quality wrapping of palletized goods during shipping and storage.

Stretch Hood has the same use as the shrink hood; however, the advantage of stretch hood is bigger fastness and has high holding forces for pallet stability with protection during transportation.

Films are puncture and tear-resistant with excellent seal strength and high transparency to enable product and brand position. Suitable for high-speed automatic machines.
Also known as:   Plastic pallet covers


Film Thickness: 100 – 160 microns

Roll Width: 75 – 120 cm

Roll Weight: Up to 500 Kgs

Film Color: Per your requirements

Printing: One and/or double side printing; Up to 3 colors per side

Material Type

Mono-Layer Films


Automated packaging on pallets

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