Personal Care

Sachet for Wipes

Personal Care

Customizable and appealing single-use sachets for wet wipes designed to maintain moisture.

Also known as:   Wet Tissue Plastic Packaging, Wet Wipes Plastic Wrap, Baby Wipe Packaging Pouch

Material Type

Multi-Layer Films


Baby Care

Personal Care



High-Quality Print

High Moisture

High Protection Against Oxygen & Light


Film Thickness: 60 – 200 microns

Roll Width: 20 – 1200 mm

Roll Outer Diameter: 100 – 600 mm

Printing: Flexographic Up to 8 Colors & Rotogravure Up to 8 Colors

Technical Properties

High Mechanical Properties

High Strength

High Opacity

High-Quality Print

High Sealing Properties

Non-Siliconized Micro Embossed Films

Suitable for High-Speed Machines

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